Top of the Mountain, City Overview, Relaxation, Zen Atmosphere, Peaceful Thoughts

Enjoy this 4K relaxation video, filmed on the top the mountain at sunset. You will feel the sensation of how it is to be into the clouds, by watching the city overview.
This 4K relaxation video is perfect to create zen atmosphere, so you can meditate or just recharge yourself with peaceful thoughts.
The tranquility and happiness will conquer you from the begining by opening your mind and releasing stress.

Let the energy of the nature flow through your body and eliminate the anxiety, despression and bad energies.
This is the best relaxation video featuring the top of a mountain, the city overview at sunset, the forest and mediterranean sea… all in one 4k video, so you can get the most of the French Riviera.

The south of France is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Zen you!