ASMR Sea Sounds, Luxury Beach, Harbour and Boats 4K

ASMR Sea sounds, luxury beach, harbour and boats, video 4K

Enjoy this 4k asmr video filmed on the mediterranean seashore. This video is featuring sea sounds, sea waves, water sounds and ambiental sounds from the nearby harbour and beach. It’s perfect to use when you want to get an 4k asmr experience.

Good to use for relaxation, stress relief, chillout, yoga, meditation and insomnia. Leave your mind free with these ambiental beach sounds and use them as part of your meditation, relaxation.

The mediterranean coast line is one of the most desirable tourist destination, the french riviera being the top, and the most expensive of all. You cand enjoy the sensation of being there by watching this 4k asmr sea sounds video. Bring French Riviera in front of your eyes and ears.