ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

  • What is ASMR?
  • ASMR definition.
  • ASMR triggers.
  • How can you experience ASMR relaxation
  • ASMR meaning.

In this article we will make a complete analyze to answer all this questions about of one of the most ambiguous new word defining a special kind of relaxation experience, ASMR.

What is ASMR?

ASMR is an abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a perceptual phenomenon.
Jennifer Allen, a cybersecurity professional residing in New York, introduced officially this term on 25 February 2010, in the name of a Facebook group she created. Before, this feeling was known under many obscure names.

ASMR Definition

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an experience characterized by a static-like and/or tingling sensation on the skin that begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and spine. Sometimes, this sensation moves all the way down to your soles, where the nerve endings are. Some describe it as akin to a mild electrical current.
ASMR signifies the experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterized by a combination of positive feelings, a deep relaxation state (compared to the state you have before falling asleep), and a static-like tingling sensation (but not necessarily). Some experience a peaceful sensation, floating kind-of feeling or a state of hapiness.

ASMR triggers

ASMR triggers or stimuli are most commonly acoustic and visual, and can be triggered intentionally or unintentionally by exposure to specific audio and video. ASMR may be encountered also through the interpersonal interactions of daily life, by touching or getting touched.
For these reasons  was compared with synesthesia, misophonia and shivers. All these neurological phenomenons have one thing in common:  stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

David Huron, Professor in the School of Music at Ohio State University, states that the ASMR effect is strongly related to the perception of non-threat and altruistic attention. This has a strong similarity with physical grooming who derive enormous pleasure (almost euphoria) when being groomed by a partner to bond with each other.

How can you experience ASMR relaxation?

The ASMR relaxation can be triggered by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attentional control. These triggers may be different from one person to another and there are no general rules, althrough some triggers are more common:

  • listening to a softly spoken or whispering voice
  • listening to quiet, repetitive sounds like: turning the pages of a book, tapping objects, sound of rain, sound of a flowing river, etc
  • receiving tender personal attention or positive affirmations, breathing close to the ears, mouth sounds, kissing sounds,
  • repetitive hand moves, low light ambiance, watching a chimney fire, watching a snow fall, watching someone getting or getting yourself a massage
ASMR meaning

So, we find out what is ASMR, the definition and how you can experience ASMR relaxation… but the question is: How this helps YOU, what’s the meaning?
This relaxation technique is growing very fast and gets to replace, or to go along with zen meditation or yoga, especially in areas where the population suffers from depression or loneliness.

Studies show a correlation between these factors and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, but this doesn’t mean only deppresed and lonely can enjoy the benefits of this feeling. Everyone is touched by the effects of ASMR, but they don’t pay attention to notice them or refuse to use this term to describe their sensations.

Sometimes people are asking how they can achieve the experience? There is no such thing as how can you achieve it, there is only the realisation of ASMR when it happens, you can’t control it.
Yes, you can induce this low-grade euphoria more often by submitting to certain triggers, but can’t control it.

In a nutshell like everything in life, as long as you don’t spend tremendous amount of time doing the same thing, relaxing can have only good effects. You should “use” this relaxing euphoria to improve your life not to escape from it.

Conclusion for The Meaning of ASMR

You can compare experiencing this feeling with the the sensation you have after getting a massage, taking a shower, doing something you like (your hobbies). A feeling of well being, deep relaxation, stress relief and happiness. It can also reduce anger by inducing a peaceful sensation.
Important notice!
There are no scientific data nor any clinical trials from which to deduce evidence that might support or refute any clinical benefits or dangers of ASMR, with claims to therapeutic efficacy remaining based on personal experiences by those who attribute the positive effect on anxiety, depression, and insomnia to this experience.   STILL

Steven Novella, Director of General Neurology at the Yale School of Medicine, posted on 12 March 2012 an article on Neurologica, his personal blog about neuroscience. In his quest for finding if the effects of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ar real, after doing a close analyze, he says: “in this case, I don’t think there is a definitive answer, but I am inclined to believe that it is.”
Also, Tom Stafford, a lecturer in psychology and cognitive sciences at the University of Sheffield, said in the same year: “might well be a real thing, but it’s inherently difficult to research, something like this that you can’t see or feel” and “doesn’t happen for everyone.”

The future of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is bright. This scientific field has plenty of secrets to offer and we just began the journey.

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